SUNRISE SUNSET, 12-hour performance program

With contributions by Anna Barham, Auto Italia, Lawrence Lek, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Emily Roysdon, Marc Sabat with Mareike Lee The group exhibition SECRET SURFACE. WHERE MEANING MATERIALIZES is the last project led by Ellen Blumenstein’s artistic directorship as chief curator of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. The exhibition comes to a close during Gallery Weekend Berlin with the 12-hour performance-cycle SUNRISE SUNSET. Interventions and performances in the exhibition space and throughout the site of KW complement the exhibition’s main question: where does meaning materialize? In common, these selected actions and live situations dramatize the common points of image, skin, gesture, and voice, filtered through structures of time and technology. The program brings a live commentary to bear upon the exhibition, and emphasizes the performative aspects of many of its participants’ practices. But although the artists “behind” the artworks might become visible via performance, rather than this being a mode of deciphering each work or deducing intentionality, such appearances effectively add another surface for reflection and refraction. The program stages clashes between seductive, virtual spaces and live physical presence. Each of the day’s participants, in their own way, mediates between linear modes of time, dictated by daylight and working hours, and other temporalities available online or internally: virtual, future, stretched or detached time, traumatic periods of time revisited privately or future projections, envisioned collectively. Schedule for Saturday, 30.4.16: Please note: THE MODEL by Anna Barham requires pre-registration at 11:00 h: Anna Barham, THE MODEL 11:30 h: Auto Italia, MY SKIN WAS AT WAR WITH A WORLD OF DATA 12:30 h: Lawrence Lek, BERLIN MIRROR (2042 RETROSPECTIVE) 13:30 h: Auto Italia, MY SKIN WAS AT WAR WITH A WORLD OF DATA 14:00 h: Anna Barham, THE MODEL 15:30 h: Lawrence Lek, BERLIN MIRROR (2042 RETROSPECTIVE) 16:00 h: Anna Barham, THE MODEL 17:00 h: Auto Italia, MY SKIN WAS AT WAR WITH A WORLD OF DATA 19:00 h: Lawrence Lek, BERLIN MIRROR (2042 RETROSPECTIVE) 19:30 h: Emily Roysdon, UNCOUNTED (PERFORMANCE 7), featuring Karl Holmqvist, Ligia Lewis, Manuel Pelmus, and Agnieszka Polska 20:00 h Marc Sabat and Mareike Lee, LIGHT GROUND 21:15 h: Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, THE PRINT OF SLEEP Performances may be viewed independently of each other. Some overlap, but repeat at other intervals throughout the day. Curated by Catherine Wood and Adela Yawitz (Image: Emily Roysdon, IF ONLY A WAVE, 2015, installation view, courtesy the artist)

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