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Stigmazine presents


group show curated by Rossana Calbi

From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.*

In occasion of the Florence Tattoo Convention 2018, «Stigmazine» presents an unpublished exhibition that identifies in the figure of eight artists the sign upon the body, the stigma.

After the publishing and exhibition project Tarot, the art magazine, published by Alessandra Giannini, identifies and develops a new theme on chosen and sought identity: STIGMATIZE.

The mystical love of the distinctive sign on the body is designed by eight Italian artists. With different techniques and expressions they identify in the single format, 40x60 cm, a declaration of communion of the sign.

Nicola Alessandrini, Morg Armeni, Saturn Buttò, Nevralgie Costanti, Selena Leardini, Maria Carmela Milan, Jonathan Pannacciò and Urto mark the body so that it is recognized and recognizable.

On the exhibition walls of the Florence Tattoo Convention the eight works are nailed and exhibited as the images of the holy martyrs in a church. In this via crucis of the soul and the body the choice is that of creating a tangible manifestation of the phenomenon to be shown to the spectator. Stigma becomes its exact opposite, from blame to exaltation.

STIGMATIZE, according with the research of the magazine «Stigmazine», develops the exhibition project with a double explanation: what is hidden and nailed in a cliché becomes at the same time time beauty to be exalted.

In a time of mutation when new words must explain an essence without precise limits, the need for a chosen and characteristic symbol becomes totalizing, it becomes common and therefore art, as always in history, explains in the eight works exposed what is allowed to the body and the mind: the choice of the mark.

The exhibition is accompanied by a volume edited by the publisher and tattoo artist Alessandra Giannini, who starting from the term stigmata, used for the first time for Christians in the Letter to the Galatians of St. Paul, has built a path of research and analysis on the culture of the sign: the quarterly magazine «Stigmazine».

* Paul, 6,17


Via Castel Morrone, 6 | Milano Tel. +39 02 83413359 | +39 334 3450090


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